Dear Spectators,

welcome to some imPossible Scenarios. You are warmly invited to take a curious look around.


 12th April 2021 SUBTEXT (AT)


Almost done – finishing filming SUBTEXT (AT) in about a week.
Thanks so much our amazing, powerful and beautiful Production Design team.

You have realized the impossible!


10th January 2020 „HAVARIE PETITE“

The beautiful shortfilm Havarie Petite will participate in the short film
competition of the 41st Film Festival „Max Ophüls Preis“.

WED 22.01.2020 21:30 p.m. CineStar 4
THU 23.01.2020 16:30 p.m. CineStar 1
FRI 24.01.2020 21:30 p.m. CineStar 4
SAT 25.01.2020 12:30 a.m CineStar 2

10th January 2020 „KOKON“

Exciting news: KOKON will be opening the Generation Plus Programme
at the 70th Berlinale.

13th November 2019 „THINGS I DON’T GET“

We are very proud to announve the cinema and DVD
release of „Things I don’t get“ with the support
of Filmgalerie 451.


  30th October 2018 „THINGS I DON’T GET“

Marvellous news: Award for Best Production Design and Costume Design (Bild-Kunst Förderpreis) at 52nd Hof International Filmfestival 2018. I would like to thank everyone who made this film possible…and everyone who his involved in enabling this award for costume and production designers.


 24th October 2018 „THINGS I DON’T GET“

Nominated for Best Production Design and Costume Design at 52nd Hof International Filmfestival 2018

10th September 2018 „THINGS I DON´T GET“

Fantastic News!
„Fünf Dinge die ich nicht verstehe | Things I don´t get“ will be running in the competition at 52nd Hof International Filmfestival 2018.

24th August 2018 „KOKON“

Celebrating the wrap of feature film project  „Kokon“ (AT) directed by
Leonie Krippendorff with Jost Hering Filme | ZDF – Das kleine Fernsehspiel

1st June 2018 „KIDS FOR GUNS“

Screening at the 35. International Kurzfilmfestival Hamburg | Section: Three-Minute Quickie – „Scandal“

29th November 2017„M♡NDAY – A GERMAN LOVESTORY“

Winner of one of the jury prizes at the short film competition
„Die große Vermächtnisstudie“presented by Zeit online and Auswärtiges Amt.


26th October 2017„M♡NDAY – A GERMAN LOVESTORY“

I proudly present the latest work with Britta Strampe, Sophie Linnenbaum, Omri Aloni, Lexia Hachmann, Lili Paula Avar and Laura Klippel at Filmuniversity Babelsberg Konrad Wolf.


29th September 2017

It took us a while, but finally we very proudly present the release of our „KIDS FOR GUNS“ Anti-Commercial. Have a look.